Glamour Academy

Make your own fashion creation, put on a little makeup, dance and do the catwalk!

20 hrs of morning + 5 afternoon lessons per week

For all those who enjoy glamour - fashion shows, make-up, making clothes, dancing, singing ...

Program improves your English Speaking Skills

We use English language actively in everyday communication with professors and peers.

This workshop is for all those who enjoy glamour – fashion shows, make up, hairstyling, clothes, singing and dancing… It is an ideal opportunity to combine everything connected to the Red carpet – fashion and music industry - from the first fashion sketches to final fashion show including the dance spots!

One can try different types of make up and hair styles – make THE BOOK BEFORE AND AFTER. 

Supervised by the teacher, everyone will draw his creation for the fashion show and/or music spot. 

They will make dresses, hats and purses out of natural material (pebbles, shells, cones, leaves…) and materials like plastic bags and crepe paper. They will practice catwalk, turns, dances, smiles… They will decide on the best hair style, make up and choreography… At the end – grand finale – Red Carpet Show in the disco or on the beach. Everyone will be able to take a look at first fashion sketches, too, as well as to enjoy a dance spot.

Upon completion, every student will receive a certificate, and on the web and our Facebook will find a video of the final show and music spot. The best work will be on the official Euroclub’s web site, too.