Sport Academy

#ACTIVE Summer for those who love the combination of sun & sea and sports!

20 hrs of morning + 5 afternoon lessons per week

Spend an active summer and try different sports!

Program improves your English Speaking Skills

We use English language actively in everyday communication with professors and peers.

Because we love Sport :)

The program includes the basics of various sports ... participate in matches and tournaments in various ground and sea sports.

There are two systems of realization of these workshops. The first one is combination of different sports – on coast and in the sea. During the week students will go through and play games-tournaments in various sports – volleyball, soccer, basketball, handball, rolling, hockey, games, fencing, mini golf, archery, table tennis… - on coast; and swimming, diving under water, diving and jumping in the sea, rowing…- in the sea.

On the other hand – there are various concrete sport camps. The whole groups will be organized in specific camps –soccer, fishing, basketball, tae kwon do, karate, judo, dance, gymnastics, archery… During the lesson times – there will always be the same sport combined with tournament.

At the end, beside the Certificate of achievement.