Experience Sports & Fitness in a Fun Way!

20 hrs of morning + 5 afternoon lessons per week

For all of you who love Sports but would also like to try Crossfitness and some new sports and spend a Summer full of Activity!

Program improves your English Speaking Skills

We use English language actively in everyday communication with professors and peers.

Use your Energy in a Positive Way!

The sports camp that promotes physical activity among children and encourages them to try out different exercises & sports.

The sports camp foundation is CrossFitness - fitness & strength training. Intensive, short and always varied training with elements of athletics and gymnastics. With this training, we develop basic skills such as running, jumping, swimming, catching, throwing, raising, balancing...

This sports camp also includes team sports that you may not had the opportunity to try such as:

- Net Ball

- Ultimate Frisbee

- Flag Football ...

The camp program is adapted to summertime conditions. During the hours when the sun is strongest we practise the sports activities of lower intensity 'in shade' such as stretching exercises, archery, table tennis, darts...

Participating in our fitness sports program, campers have the opportunity to train among their peers, to try out the new techniques of exercising and new sports, all that in a soothing summer ambience.

The benefits that campers get by participating in the program:

- Increased self-esteem and mutual trust

- Increased motivation for sports and physical activity

- Developing the team's ability to function

- Reduced level of stress and anxiety associated with peer pressure, and school and family environment and responsibilities.